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    Sep 2012
    hello everyone,

    kindly assist i have a ps3 4.20 version and i need jailbreak to hack it, to enable me download games online.

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    just joined. I need to jailbreak my ps3 v4.01

    Help please

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    Long time lurker here, good to met you all.

    There is no current method to jailbreak any ps3 with a firmware above 3.55, with a downgrading process that involves a hardware flasher. This involves a E3 (best for NOR) or Progskeet (best overall flasher, especially for NAND), and soldering them to the motherboard inside your ps3.

    You will first need to ensure your PS3 isn't one of the newer revisions with 0.2 key revisions, or was released from the factory above 3.55. The console can only be downgraded to the lowest firmware it was shipped it. There are no-solder options for both the E3 and Progskeet, but they gimmicky at best, and can be a bit troublesome.

    If you don't have soldering ability, I would recommend finding someone who can do the entire downgrade process for you (it can be quite overwhelming for a newbie), or finding a ps3 already on 3.55 through Craigslist, Ebay, or another similar trading site in your country.

    You can keep your current ps3 for online activities (or brand new games), or sell it. Keep in mind, the majority of the time you will have not have PSN access on any ps3 with custom firmware. Occasionally, there will be a small time frame where you can, like right now with the recent news.
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    Hi there. New user in Dubai. Cheers all.

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    hello. i'm new as well. been out of modding my ps3 for awhile... time to update it T_T

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    Sep 2012
    hello everyone, i'm new

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    Sep 2012
    Hi everyone, i'm also new.

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    I am new as well i own a ps3 and planning on jailbreaking it but i don't have a downgrade for 4.25 yet i'm good at c++ but i can't show my skills if i can't mod my ps3...

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    I just joined and quite excited

    This seems like a great thread, time to download some themes, my PS3 is gettin' out of style
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    Hello fellow gamers. Looking forward to hopefully learning some new tricks for the PS3.

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