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    hello... I am from India.. i recently bought a ps3 320gb. i want to know how to jailbreak to play free games via flash drive or dvd and i want to know which cfw is best... and is ps3 4.20/4.10/4.0 are downgradeable?

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    I am new and am trying to figure out how to work this site lol. I want my ps3 to work like my Wii does. Anyone know how? I have read for hours, but still not a really good tutorial on how to do everything.

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    Joining the community to see if I can learn how to squeeze the ps3
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    Greets to the forum im uk based I have a fat ps3 40 gig which i have hardly used. The ps3 was jailbroken and like a nutcase i updated it just to get it back online hopefully with the forums help i will get it downgraded back and jailbroken again. Hopefully i can contribute something towards the site

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    Hello everybody! I'm a new in the comunity, I am from Colombia, and I don't speak english this is a effort for me.


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    Hi everyone! New to site. Excited to join.

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    I joined a while back but just now recently came back. cool site

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