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    To all: my name is mike and I am new

    I have upgraded to 4.23!!! some upgrade I didn't know what I was getting myself into and now I want to see what is inside the .pup file so I joined to download the extract program although netbeans is still working on downloading the JUnit?? any ideas?

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    Hi all. Im intrested in obtaining other way of downgrade of ps3 and i came here to ask some questions, hope i get it working...

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    Hello folks here to learn new thingss to do with my ps3

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    Hey guys I'm turlough and i'm new to the whole CFW ps3 scene and am enjoying it though my ps3 is mainly used for media than gaming but hey its all good

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    Hello... I am Ali... Have been away from PS3 gaming for quite some while... So are the new PS3 releases playable yet??... any new CFW that I should definitely install??

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    newbie in the house

    hi i'm new on here and i'm not that technically savvy, so expect lots and lots of questions lol, just trying to get started on all this hacking and modding, everyones got to start somewhere.

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    Hi, I'm also a new one.

    Hello everyone.

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    hi, everyone i'm dareck from germany

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    I am Preeti from India and i am new on this forum. It is a place to share and to get new ideas.

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