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  1. #3121
    hello my names ray mrrayrazz is what they call me nice to meet you

  2. #3122
    I hope this site will be useful to me in fixing some PS3 issues. Don't want to spend too much on parts or worse... A new system.

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    Aug 2012
    Hey... i'm a new user... love games forever...

  4. #3124
    Hi i am new and will be useful to this site, i was told about a friend i can help and glad to be here just saying hello mandroni.

  5. #3125
    hi all, just great

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    Aug 2012
    Hello Everyone!

    I'm a new user too!

  7. #3127
    Hi all..

  8. #3128
    I'm too a new user hi everybody

  9. #3129
    hi guys i'm glad to know you!


  10. #3130
    sup... ps3 4 3v3er

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