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    yo nice to meet everyone

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    Hello everyone!! Nice to meet all of you!

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    Good evening to everyone!

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    hello, i'm kiran from india, i'm an android/ios game developer, you can search my games from android playstore, like moon's revivial , bumblebee, destroyer augmented reality.

    nice to meet you the ps3news community

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    hi i'm a rookie.

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    Hey Everyone! I've just registered with PS3News and i'm a PS3 hacker and some people have suggested if i want to get noticed then i should go ahead here and post on this forum! I'm from the US and would like someone to help me guide my ways around this page and post a 4.20 CFW topic that i'm working on because as of right now i have the 4.20 public keys and i'm trying to get the Private authentication key for 4.20 so we can all have a great jailbreak!

    People said if i don't go to a ps3 hacking website and post my stuff on there and facebook i would be marked as a trolled so i have decided to come here and post a few topics on this to get noticed! I would like a great moderator or admin to show me around the website! Would appreciate it much!

    Thanks in advance!,

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    Let the learning begin

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    ok hi all.

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    i'm new here

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