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    Hello everybody. I'm from Spain. My ps3 has 160 Gb hard disk and yellow dog Linux 6.1 installation. I wish to learn so much as possible and help you if I can do it.


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    I'm from CT and love my PS3!! and PSP!! and PS2!!

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    FW 2.50 with PS3 proxy server


    I was tryin to get ps3 proxy to work, eventhough i read it aint gonna happen if you have FW higher than 2.41.

    My PS3 runs FW 2.50 and my pc runs vista ultimate.

    Well after fighting to try to install it on vista ultimate, i found out it only works with framework 1.1, so i quit the vista ultimate cause it allready brings in framework 2 or higher with OS, and try it out on vista basic... had to make sure i downloaded framework 1.1, installed it and tcharamm proxy installed and running.

    Let me just say that the log on the proxy app works fine registering every url my ps3 visits, but i cant seem to be able to redirect it to my pc as i read in the post.

    Thanks anyway, keep up the good work, i hope one day we can access our pc pkg databases again, even runing FW 2.50 on the PS3

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    Hey ive been registered and lurking here for quite a long time (3 1/2 years according to my profile page), just thought id start becoming a bit more active.

    so ill start by saying hi ^_^

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    I'm ranperij, and I'm here because I'm extremely interested in PS3 homebrew. I know it's not very advanced yet, but I can remember how the amazing the homebrew for the Xbox, and PS2, and PSP was, and I can't wait for the PS3 to get in the game.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new of this forum... I'm from Italy and i'm interested in the PS3 Scene...

    I have a PS3 40 GB (one year old) and i always enjoy playing with it

    Sorry for my english... isn't that good!!!!

    Ciao Ciao!!!

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    I'm here looking for info on the PS3 hardware, motherboard and daughterboard interaction.


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    Hello to everyone and welcome to

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    Hello everyone, im new to this site and apparently i have to post a comment to become a "registered user" so here's my comment...

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    Nah, you have to make (3) quality posts that aren't in the Newbie section to become a Registered User... the STICKY threads cover this in more detail.

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