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    Mar 2010

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    Hello everybody, i'm new here.

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    Wink Hello everybody, I am a new member.

    Hell every one, I really amazed about all the things in ps3news, sometimes I wonder how on earth you guys could come up with all these great information regarding PS3.

    Anyway, I have a fat silver ps3 and it has one problem : the unit never produce heat , it always stays cool all the time. I compare it with other fat models but mine is the coolest, I always play it more than 6 hours almost every day, never had YLOD never had RSOD, well I guess I am Lucky.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi! i just bought my first PS (and finally realized that it is better than PC regarding a lot of aspects)

    Thanks for keeping up such a forum!

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    Hello everyone.

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    Hello and Thanks all.

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    i'm new

    well just register but i always here before.

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    Haven't been around awhile, thought it was time to get back into the scene.

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    Hi Guy, I'm new to ps3news just registered so anyways hi

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    haloo.. i'm a newbie here wish to get info about PS3 hacks.

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