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    Hi all, Thanks for the links.

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    Long time lurker first time poster , hello all. I've got an oldschool (600$) cecha01 thats running MM with the RB ver spoofer running 4.0? (I think) I wanted to see what you guys had come up with in the dynamic themes department so i registered. C ya round.

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    Hi eveyone,

    Replacing a mini usb port on my brother's PS3 controller. This site looks like a great place for PS3 information.

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    hello humans

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    Hello all.

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    Just joined, have been about on the scene since 3.41 days an know a bit about modding an stuff... check out my youtube channel Daveyshambles01...

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    Hello i'm new here... Hope to meet new people

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    Aug 2012
    Hi everyone.

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    Heyo. Used to mod (and lurk here), thought i'd take a peek at whats new in the PS3 scene.

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