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    Quote Originally Posted by ciopaka View Post
    When can I be a registered member? I have 5 posts..
    You only have (3) posts in the non-Newbie sections, and a "bad" Reputation (red gem) which means you likely posted BS posts somewhere and they got removed and not counted.

    My advice: Get your "good" Rep back here, re-read the "Quality Posts" criteria, and then make (2) good QUALITY posts and when the next cron update runs later today you will be Registered + in good standing.

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    hi guys,

    i'm crazygod... no... just crazy lol

    i'm portuguese so sorry my bad english

    i have a ps3 40Gb with firmware 2.20 Debug... and i want learn more about my debug firmware...

    thanks ppl

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    I am new in this site. I like the site, thanks for accepting me.

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    Just joined and attempting to go post.

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    Greetings from Geordie Land

    Been hanging around for a while now... hopefully I can contribute a bit more

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    Smile Hello!

    I recently joined ps3news and I haven't been using it for an hour and I like it already. Easy to navigate through, simple, and I would like to perhaps use this website to post my Playstation 3 applications etc etc but first I would like to say Thank you for making a Playstation 3 community looking very professional and I am sure it truly is. I am currently still writing PSP homebrew applications but this PS3 developing is really raising my eyebrows. Congratulations to all of you joining the exclusive Playstation 3 community! Have a fantastic day as always!

    Best Regards


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    Hi,i'm italian and new but i'm not a n00b i'm a friend of DNT.For now i make'nt a lot of thing only easy thing.My name on developer scene is alex94 but here i can't register with the nick alex94...Hi at all!

    Sorry for my bad english

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    Hello, I'm a total noob, but I have myself a PS3 Debugging Station DECHA00A. I'm keen to find out more and this certainly looks like the place to do it.

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    hello everyone,

    im new to this! how can i be promoted to a registered user?

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    Hello guys... new here!

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