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    Hello everybody. Happy gaming...

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    Hello people !

    i am from France (Paris). I have 27 years old and i am an eletronics student. I love video games and eletronics !

    hacking, flashing consoles ! ... Happy to be here^^ Thanks you all !

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    Hello new user, i'm glad i signed up for this site love the information on the ps3 hacks and exploits.

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    hello i am new happy games for everybuddy

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    hello, new member... just checking in...

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    wow hope we enjoy this site

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    hey bro same here, my ps3 gt banned
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    Aug 2012
    Hey everyone. Thank you devs for your nonstop hard work in helping us improve our Ps3 experience.

    Glad to be a part of this community.

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    Aug 2012
    hi, forum newbie count +1

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    Hello everyone. Looking forward to find out what else is in this forum.

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