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    Aug 2012
    Hi all, I am New

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    I'm new too

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    Nov 2010
    I'm new on this english forum

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    hellooo everyone, new also !!!

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    Hello World !

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    Hello I'm new.

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    hello I'm the kikinn, I'm crazy about a ps3 slim 250g cfw 3.55 that already had this but now with 4.21 ofw was my brother got a game and updated it (jack and daxter) heheheheh now and so I was crying to die hehehehe

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    Nov 2010
    hello everyone i'm ginox2. I'm from italy. Happy to be here!

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    yeah, hi, new here.

    Well, I registered a while back and forgot about the forum.
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    Nov 2010
    Lol... Anything goes right?

    Actually forgot to say hello all! Just joined and doing the due diligence.
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