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    hey everyone i'm new here and i haven't really done this stuff with a ps3 yet but i have with my psp so i can't wait to get started and learn how do do all these cool things with it.

    If you couldn't guess by my user name that i am a sonic fan well you know now. my psn name is gamechamp1994 if anyone wants to add me.

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    New to the site!! Excited to check it out...

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    Hello Everyone, Nice to be here.

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    Hello, I love Ps3News. ^^

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    Greetings. I am Fleshlight

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    hi everyone i am also a new user to this thread and the ps3 scene i appreciate all the help you can give me thanks

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    Jul 2012
    hello, i'm a new user

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    Heya everybody.

    New guy here

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    hello everyone i'm new

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    Just joined too and very happy with the eboots for CFW 3.55, thanks!!

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