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    nice site, glad to be back!

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    Oct 2008

    1st post

    Hi, just to say hello.

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    Ps3 Rocks with Linux

    New here.. and love the site. I installed YDL on my unit and works great

    Anyone know if there will be more demos for this game? Koodos to Sony! I love playing the game. I may buy full version anyway.

    Has anyone seen an iso loader out there? I have managed to backup a blu ray disc and a game into iso files... would like to play game back onto ps3... any ideas?
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    Hey Everyone, just saying hello. Looking for some information on hooking a PS3 drive up to a PC. I pretty much have an idea of how to make a connector, but just want to double check the pins to make sure everything is right.

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    Oct 2008

    im new to the forum so just saying hey.

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    Apr 2005
    Welcome all new comers to PS3NEWS.COM and may you find our forums informative and our news refreshing, but most of all have fun!

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    Hey, im new so this is a good place for introduction.

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    hello all, im a new too

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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by jad8477 View Post

    rookie here, ps3 forever!
    Hey I am EDman from Vienna and i am the new one

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    Another newbie here - hello!

    Was curious as to whether anyone knows if the PS Eye can be used when using the internet browser in the PS3? What I mean is, if you have an MSN Live account for doing video calls, can you log onto that account from the PS3 and use the PS Eye?


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