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    hi all!!

    Hi all, I'm new here, I hope that I can contribute.


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    I am a new user. I am a electronic repair tech. Look forward to the useful information that has already been added to this site. And I hope I can contribute also. I am open to anyone with questions and suggestions. Thank you, hope everyone has a great one.


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    Hi there all. I recently bought a PS3 online and to great surprise, it was on 3.55 OFW. So after two days of intense reading, I find myself the owner of an unshackled PS3 and a new member of this cool site. I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone one.

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    Jul 2012
    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time to introduce myself. I suck at ps3 games which I recently been given as present, and I failed to crack it. Technically speaking, I hope to develop my software skills for the ps3 sack. All the best to you who have done it, and I will try my best in time.

    thanks all for having me

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    Hello. I'm a new dragon on the block. hehe

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    hello all

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    Jul 2012
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Thomes and i'm from germany. I love play games on my ps3,ps vita, psp 3000 and i will jailbreak my ps3 with the debug jailbreak of anorealease. I looked around in the internet but i'm not finding a really good internetsite for jailbreaking but on ps3news are very good tutorials and etc.

    Today i will try to jailbreak the ps3, i'm very happy and i hope it works ^^

    Sorry for my bad English!!!

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    Hello all. Just signed up.

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    hi all, looking for some lost files..

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    Jul 2012
    Hello. Here looking for info on 3.55 compatible games.

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