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    sweet i am in , got my first ps3 psn debug pkg here long time ago, finally joined, man i am lazy

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    hey everyone i'm new. i'm also new too jb. i need help on jb 4.21. is it real or fake?

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    hi to all... good work

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    New user... What else can I say. I'm new...

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    Cool... i'm in! Thanks for my new "home"!

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    New to the site. wanted to give my thanks to some of the guys on here

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    rookie here, ps3 forever!

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    HELLLLOOOO!!! Came across this site looking for information about my ps3 that just died on me ( but got a new one and flashed to 3.55!)

    Very informative site so far!!!

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    Jul 2012
    Hello! i'm new user here! thanks for everyone

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    Jul 2012
    hello! console madness!

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