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    im new here

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    Hello everyone I am a new user excited to figure out how to maximize my ps3

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    Jun 2012
    hai, i'm a newbie who have a lot problem, heheh. well i have ps3 firmware 4.11, i can't fix it. all of my game has disappeared from my hdd. so, i don't know how to restore it. but anyway, nice to meet you all

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    nice to meet you

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    May 2011
    I'm new also.

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    harrow, i have a phat ps3 that i am looking to keep running forever

    glad to be on the msg board

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    hello, i'm a new user.. what's up everyone

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    Hi all ^_^

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    Oct 2010
    Hello World! Honestly i've not been logging in to my account for as long as i can remember. But anyways, cheers to everyone!

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