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    Jun 2012
    Hi, actually I already knew about this site for a while, and now I joined.

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    I got in the forums but for what i seen in guest it will be very helpful

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    a very nice place to get info

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    Hello Folks, I'm new here. Ps3 Rules and ps3news too.

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    wazzup guys? i need help with ps3 jailbreak. can anyone help me? thanks

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    Hello everyone, wildman708 here. I am a noobie but love to learn and grow. I hope to learn as much as I can to fully utilize my PS3 and give back to the community as fast as I learn and can help to pass along knowledge and information. I would like to thank everyone in advance for all their contributions to this website, forum and community.

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    Hi All

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    Jun 2012
    awesome site

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    I have the 3.6 version, I have tried getting some things that just ended up giving my laptop a lot of viruses...

    I hope things go better here
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