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    Hey, I'm Jeanco35

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    Hi everyone!! I've been away for quite sometime, but now I'm back and checking what's going on in the site.

    So cheers to everybody!!

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    Hi Everybody

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    Hello everyone,

    My name's Bahamutzero and as you see, I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy lol. Glad to be here. I wish that I'll pass good moments with all of you !
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    Jan 2012
    hello all

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    Hi all, been registered a while but not posted before, going to finally sort out my ps3 that once was running kmeaw 3.55

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    thanks to let me register, hope to help

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    hello everybody

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    how is everyone?

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    Pleasant day to everyone,

    My online friends calls me speedy_duck but it so happens that someone beat me to that name in here, lol! Despite of it, am still very excited to be here and its my first time on the PS3 scene. Just registered a few minutes ago and hoping in time, I get to meet friendly and helpful people to open my eyes on how fun and exciting to just explore my PS3's potential and never be restricted by SONY to dictate what I should and not what with the unit I have bought from them.

    Just recently I just got a JB PS3 for my son's birthday and to I want to prove to my son that even though am a dad already, am still capable to know and learn more from the PS3 JB scene. Aside from it, all I just wanted is to called a cool dad by my son... that simple

    Anyway, I just wish I could meet friends here to help me out. Thank you all! Cheers!

    PS: Proud owner of a PS3 CFW 3.55
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