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    Hey everybody just joined and glad to be part of the growing community

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    Jan 2012
    Hello PS3 fans, glad to be a part of your community!

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    Jun 2012
    HI, just joined, i am happy to be part of this forum & hope to learn and share all that has to do with the ps3 system

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    hi every one

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    Hello, New user here. I don't yet have a ps3, but that's in the works. Joined because I've been programming & scripting sence I was about 12 years old & always love a good hacking community to get inspiration from

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    hannible here, posting for first time, hope to contribute once i get a working jb on my ps3 40gig

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    megadrive 2 the psp then ps3 hope that the "SCENE" will alive again!

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    sweet site

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    hey guys, just thought i registered, as there i much "news" to be had here, though some friendly fellow that is active here pointed me in the right direction...

    so a big wazzup from the dutch folks that got their butts handed to them the first match of EURO 2012


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