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    hello to all and thank you acceullire among you.

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    Hello, I am a new user

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    I am newbie here...

    Say hello to ev8d

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    Good Morning ps3news!

    Hello, i am the WilloX guy. Nice idea with the Contributor stats!

    Please give a plus and remember DON'T GET A DONGLE!!! Peace!

    Edit says: a big hangover! sry I searched a thread but my left eye was closed! ^^

    respect!!! to the Admin

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    hello at all, plz continue with this great work!

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    Hello this forum is awesome!

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    hi all

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    Hello everybody,

    I create an account on this forum, because, I have a ps3 with the 4:11 firmware, and I really want to know, if is possible to jailbreak my ps3 it that firmware.


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    Whats good people.

    By the way this place is amazing. keep up the good work ops.
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    Join Date
    May 2012
    Hello, I'm new here

    May your days be prosperous.
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