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    hello all, I am one into the world the ps3 and found the forum very nice to take my doubts

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    Hello all, Cool here

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    Hello Everyone! I'm new here, but I hope to be a regular around here and get to know some people

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    just joined not too long ago i'm from canada and wanting to learn about cfw and ofw hacks

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    Hi Folks, I'm the noob of the day to this site, That's what i get for not using the net as often as i need, I didn't know about this site. Haa ! It's all good now !

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    This is more of a reintroduction for myself. I'm Tim! I was a member here back in 2010 and part of 2011 when I had my PS3. After selling for some much needed cash I kind of fell behind on a lot of PS3 news. Well, I'm finally in a much better financial situation and looking to get another PS3. It's good to be back!

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    Yoooo whats up! I'm a South African PS2 enthusiast, looking forward to see what the forums have to offer

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    Jul 2010
    hello guys here i'm for the news of all refer at ps3 i have ps3 with many games i enjoy the team duplex games thanks for team effort they are make the dream really thanks and this page.

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    i'm a ps3 user my id tag is ajberg02 as you can see i messed up on my username

    but i love to game mw3 wwe12 black ops resistance 3 what evs just love to game

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    Hello All!

    I'm addicted to tech and CFW. I registered for the downloads, not gonna lie. But I'm always willing to help when I can.

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