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    Well hello to you, and my hello to all as well. Not new to the scene, but new here

    If you are a dinosaur, then what am I ? I am 43 yo

    Been in the gaming since my first ZX80, and my first PC a IBM AT 8086 - Thats real oldtimer stuff.
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    May 2012
    Hello all, I just joined and I must confess I joined mainly because I'm looking for cool themes for my ps3. I do have some doubts if anyone is kind enough to answer me. I noticed that you guys have some of the official PS3 themes in here and I was wondering if I could get banned for installing them on my ps3 when I obviously didn't pay for them, because some of them are really cool and I wouldn't mind having them . Oh and this goes without telling but I don't have a JB'd PS3 nor I plan to...

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    Hey everyone, I'm Nick. 21 years of age and modding stuff since my PSX. I've been deployed and moving around so haven't been doing any of the advanced mods for a while. Softmods have been my thing as of late. I have a great life starting with my girl and been a lurker on this site for a good chunk of time, even if I didn't have this account. Wish me a happy birthday on July 25th!

    Im predominantly a PC gamer and I have a beast of a Laptop, it suits my moving around status. I want to do a handful of mods to my 360 and Ps3s, both of which I haven't played in about a year. Basically just bring out there potential! Let me know if you have any questions and it's a pleasure to say hello.

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    hello newbie here...

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    Jan 2012

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    hello i new user..

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    OK.. Me too

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    May 2012
    hey I'm a new user to this forum and ps3... would love to learn a lot from this site... hope you guys will help me ...

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    hey everyone! i'm ricardo from Lisbon, Portugal, i'm new here, just got a PS3 and i'm trying to learn some things here in this forum.

    Greets from portugal

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