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  1. #1991
    Hey everyone!

  2. #1992
    sup doodz, just got here today

  3. #1993
    Hello everyone

  4. #1994
    hi everyone

  5. #1995
    hey i love this site its awesome

  6. #1996
    Hi all!

    Finally making my first post

    +1 for the Forum and all the ps3 devs out there, making the ps3 better

  7. #1997
    Hello all members i'm newbie .. lol and i try to repair a PS3 because the BLU-RAY DISC READER IS DEAD ... And i ask if is it possible to make my PS3 with not BLURAY and with just hard drive and a patch or flash or another thing can anyone help my self ??

    Have a good life for all the members of this forum !... (SORRY i'm Balgian and my ENGLISH is very poor...) I hope you have understand my message! .. Bye !

  8. #1998
    Hi everyone, I'm new here too, please take care of me ^^

  9. #1999
    Hi, I'm a new one

    PS3 is good

  10. #2000
    hey new to PS3 news but not to psn, howdie. i have been a diligent consumer of playstation products. got a ps3 in 2010 but only have 10 games to my name.
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