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    Stick Out Tongue post

    hi whats up my name is brandon jones iam new and i would like to jb my ps3

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    Hi everyone new to the area and just started posting

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    Apr 2010
    Hello All. I am new here. Have a nice day.

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    Hey everyone, quite new to the ps3 scene but ive been modding the psp's and xbox 360's for a long time.

    I jtag and RGH xbox 360s too if you need one sorting i live in the north east, UK

    got two ps3's

    first is a PS3 320GB slim running stock 4.11 for online usage.
    second is a PS3 60GB Euro BC with a 500GB usb 2.5 caddy. currently got 1 backup on lol

    Im a Time served Joiner during the week and a network technician/satellite Engineer at the weekend.
    I also have my own dedicated server and competantly know my way around Apache2/Vbulletin/PHP/ssh/ftp/java and much much more.
    Message me if you need any help from me.

    Hope i have a great time here.


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    hi i am a new user hi everybody...

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a registered user for a looong time and have never posted. Looking to jb my PS3 eventually.

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    May 2011
    Hi all joined a while ago but hadn't posted.

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    Apr 2005
    OK I have +Rep'd everyone who said hi since my last checkpoint here and ran the promotions updater so those with 2 posts have moved to a Contributor from a Registered User... congrats to all and welcome aboard / back as the case may be!

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    Also give me a shout if you need any help with anything on server/vb/mod/admin side of things.

    i'll show you my private site to non-ps3 news (SAT) if you want, to show you that i know what i'm doing.


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    Hi everyone

    i'm new !

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