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    hello guys i'm new and happy to say i finally got a ps3 !

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    hellooozzz im back

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    Howdy to all from ch'Rihan, my name is Cha 'Paul, I enjoy doing almost anything people tell me either cannot be done or is not allowed. As long as only humans are harmed, I love Hamsters and good coffee. I give maximum respect to developers that devote there time to creating useful and uba cool tool's for the general population, I give no respect to the whinging demanding noobs that expect more for nothing, and have the audacity to post nasty demanding comments asking why their demands are not being met.

    Hail PS3 - Hail Sony for their dirty underhanded approach to tricking people into upgrading their OS, hahahahaha cull the weak, survival of the fittest

    Banter and Lies over, great forum, one of the best, Thanks to the Admins )

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    Hello everyone . My kids love the PS3... lol.

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    greetings all

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    Hello, I am hoping to learn how to use my ps3 for more than Sony wants me to.

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    Sep 2010
    Hello guys new in ps3 new.

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    Jun 2005
    whatupppp yo

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    Aug 2010
    I'm not new, but the mods want me to post something.

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    sup everyone

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