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    As you might notice I signed up in 2006, but have only just got round to posting.

    Thought I'd see if there was any progression with CFW

    I'm contemplating dusting off my 250GB CFW 3.55

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    Hello From Az.

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    Sorry, i forgot. I have one of a first PS3 with 60GB. (i am change to 320GB)

    My Favorite are Simulation Games. (GT5, Dirt 3, F1 2011, WRC and any mores) I have a Fanatec GT3 Whell and the Fanatec CSP's.

    There works on my VPP Playseat in black.


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    dude hey i hope we can become great friends

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    Me too.

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    hi all, i'm new to the site

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    Hi everyone It's been a while I have signed up , but because of my job and some "unfortunate events", well, I won't go into details

    So I've got 4 ps3: cechc04 60 GB(EU) ceche01 80 GB(US), & two cech 2004 w/ 250 & 500 GB HDD (US), my firmwares ? OFW 3.41+ ps3key, CFW 3.41 and CFW 3.55 all in full working order of course: no ylod, no overheatings and quiets

    No; I'm not well-off etc. I spent in my ps3s, roughly $200 each, in used/ broken condition (I'm actually quite good w/ my hands)

    Why so 'many' ? Why not

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    hello everybody, greetz from Belgium

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    new too

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    New from the east coast usa. do alot of traveling so the laptop is my best friend!

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