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    Mar 2011
    I'm kinda of new too, hey guys

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    HI ALL!

    higher than a jamacan king snake up a sugarcane tree =-)

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    ps3 250 GB, HELLO

    Quote Originally Posted by bl0m0dr0 View Post
    HI ALL!

    higher than a jamacan king snake up a sugarcane tree =-)
    LOL me too NOT
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    Hi all and welcome. The more people the better, as we all have theories and methods on how to resolve things on here so we can all help eachother.

    I did all of this on a big scale last year and am refreshing my head this year so looking forward to how to crack the latest updates that sony leash upon us. As for the newbies, I was there once and you have a lot to learn although help is always at hand on this site

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    Jun 2006
    Hi everyone

    Long time i didn't visit the forum!!

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    Hi All,

    another N00b13 here, don't go running for cover, i'm not one of those to bombard the forums with questions before having had a bloody good look around first

    anyway, i'm in good old blighty, warwickshire, shakespeare's town, that's precise enough...

    i'm no bard myself though

    hello all, see you around.

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    Hello my original Nick is TDCroPower and i'm known from the E3 Flasher scene on boerse and gulli...

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    Hello everyone! I joined to find out if I can recover my lost games saves to a PC? Thanks

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    Hello All,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself before having a good look around.

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    Hallo, i am a big PS3 Fan but here 1 am a new user.

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