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    Which you the best with the ps3?

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    I have been registered since 06/2011 and i think this is my first post... LOL

    Thanks for the inactivity reminder

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    Hi I'm new here. Love my ps3 but hate the lag on Mordern warfare 3 lol

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    Mar 2011
    hi i am ajton from kosova i wish all happy life

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    Dec 2011
    Sup new to the PS3

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    Yeah, I'm a new user too, this is the first time a forum has reminded me (or asked me) to post, I suppose it's a good way for forums to not get clogged with user that don't even both to post, I have to admit I'm mainly a reader as if I'm not confident with my information I won't post for fear of getting flamed..

    Great place to browse though..

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    hi i am gunther i learn about ps3 hacks also

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    I'm Here.. Hi All.. Nice to Meet

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    Dec 2010
    Hello everyone, My name is RaV3nS. Im from spain.

    I have a ps3 60gb with 320gb hdd + cfw 3.55

    this ps3 is a gift, have a yellow light, me repair, but 1 month ago, repair it.

    Now in procese of repairment.

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    S'up guys

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