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    Whats up everyone, was checking out this website and wanted to dive in.

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    Aug 2008
    Hi everyone,

    Like snipersamurai, I've been a gamer for years, though younger. I've some consoles but by far the one that gives me the most satisfaction is PS2, and hope the PS3 will follow suit. And like most of this forum members, I'm a proud owner of one 80GB sku. Nice to meet you all

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    Been lurking around these forums for 18 months now. It's high time I said hello

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    Apr 2005


    Welcome all new members to PS3NEWS.COM and hope you enjoy the forums and news we have here on the site, have fun!

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    Ya, im new. EL_ZODIAC on ps3

    Quote Originally Posted by qwsqws View Post
    hello, im new to the community although ive had my ps3 for ages
    Ya me too. 15 char.
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    hey im new, does the ps3 proxy server still work?

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    im new too.. im bmwdude4.

    im very interested in what is on this site. im trying to learn SAK but i cant rip anything

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    Dec 2007
    i'm new in here too. but is there a way to put in owners to the .pkg game?

    psn links works fine, but the full games can't work because the samething in all of them, no owners. no owners can't be played... only demos are working....


    bmwdude4 what u want to rip? a BD video or game?
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    Thumbs Up hi

    hi im new!

    hi how you all doin?

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    hello, im a new user...

    i need to edit my Guitar hero

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