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    Dang, been a while since I've logged on... thanks admins for reminding me of this great community!

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    Hello people,

    I'm pretty much new to posting here but been a lurker for a while.I have had a PS3 for over 4 months altough i've been in the scene for over a year scouting it until i decided to believe in the devs and buy a PS3 over an Xbox 360

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    May 2006
    Hello plp! Im a fanatic gamer, since 1983, was the first day that I put my little hands on a console (It was a TELEMACH, Yeah it was a crap but in those days was pretty funny), year after year nearly I have tried almost all consoles, now I have a bunch of oldies one, Im a collector and i love trying weird things on old consoles.

    I'm always reading and fall here for mod my old fat ps2 for have a IDE Disk, this's a great site with great members.
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    ey everyone, i registered a long time ago but completely forgot about it. Had a ps3 for about 3 years now. Just earned my 42nd platinum on prototype 2. Hope to see you all around

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    Hello everybody!

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    hey peeps.. great work and info on the site..

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    Hello! is a pleasure to be part of this community!

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    Looking forward to catching up on all the current info

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    I'm new to this posting stuff but i'm starting to like it

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    Oct 2010
    This looks like a good place to learn things

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