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    hi im just posting to activate my account, im useless

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    What's up. I'm fairly new here, too. I want to know everything about the PS3.

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    Hey my name is StriderKyanzaki, originally I bought the 120 GB then everything went downhill (the ex-wife was not into video games, or), I didn't want to sell my PS3, so I gave it to my nephew, over a year later...I bought a 80GB, and very happy about it now...

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    Hmmm... Lemme see oh wait thats rite i'm old can't see but I joined here last year, the year before hmmm, i'm real old and can't remember why I joined but got this email today and here i am...

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    May 2011
    joined in for fun, good to see you.

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    Im as useless as everyone else....

    I do however own 4 ps3 (orig), Mgs edition, two slims. (one for kiddos to download vudu to hd since no other units really do that with vudu.
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    Not a new user but figured i'd say whats up People! Look forward to keeping up on these pages

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    Not a new user!!!

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    Hello! I'm Newbie.

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    Aug 2010

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