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    Hello everybody.

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    my name is gordon nice to meet all of you

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    Join Date
    Sep 2008
    Hello everyone, i'm Joni, nice to meet you.

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    Been a member for awhile but have never made my intro so... hey!

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    Join Date
    Jun 2006
    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all

    Have you been playing with your PS3?

  6. #1606
    I'm back

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    Join Date
    Sep 2010
    haven't been on for a while. Back now.

  8. #1608
    Honey I'm home ..

  9. #1609
    Hello! Joined last year but got busy with other things (a dusty PS3 is a sad thing). I'll try to swing by more often!

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    Hello guys, how are you? My name is Mauricio, nice to meet you =)

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