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    yeah uhm anybody like pes12?

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    Oct 2008
    hello ppl !!!

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    Hey all! I've been a member for a while but realized I've never actually posted anything. LOL Anywho, I have love for all the consoles. Started with the Atari 2600 and actively collect systems and games and just love to play.

    Being that I grew up in an era where multiplayer was unheard of unless you were sitting beside each other, I've never been into the whole multiplayer scene. I'm all about the single player mode.

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    je je yeah me to i'm new here

    I love my ps3

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    New member here too ... Like Tuexedomask above me, I've been gaming for a long time too ...

    We actually had some of those Pong systems when I was a kid and we moved up to Odyssey2 and Atari 2600 when they came out ... Anyways, still love gaming so here I am ...


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    May 2011
    hello i am abdoun from Saudi Arabia I came to learn about PS3

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    Hello I'm new user. Got a PS3 Fat 60Gb update with a 320Gb plays PS1 PS2 and of course PS3, I've also got a white PS3 from HK 40 gigs with trueblue

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    Hi! i'm new user...

    i like ps3 very much

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    Hi peeps.

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    New user here! How is everyone doing?

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