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    Hey y'all, been a member here for awhile, but have not been very active. Hoping to see the scene pick back up.

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    Good day... I am posting here as a PS3 owner, though it does not do much anymore. The kids play on it. I use something better/less restrictive for media streaming. Play the occasional game... but those occasions are few and far between. I guess I became a member here to keep tabs on PS3 related news, but have not visited in a while.

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    hello I am french

    And I am a new user


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    I'm newbie in this forum, although I got my PS3 60G the very first day it was released by Sony in Spain

    greetings everybody

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    Hi Everyone

    i'm a old user, but new writing..

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    hi all.. I am from India.. I am a new user..

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    i am new to this forum and very excited too.

    it is really awesome.

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    Join Date
    Mar 2006
    Hello everybody, jus call me eroco, I'm new user from Chile (South America) and I have a PS2.


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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a new user too, not a rookie reader.

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    Another n00b... Pariah in the US. I'm SincerelyPariah on the PSN and usually play FPS.

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