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    Hi to everyone.

    Im new and I want to make friends

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    yay, im a noob at this ps3 site. woot!

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    Apr 2005
    Welcome all to PS3NEWS.COM and enjoy our community and have fun.

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    Big Grin

    Hello, my name is flako92 and i'm new in this page.

    Good luck in your work in the PS3!

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    im also a new member, hi everybody!

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    HI im new

    Hi guys, whats up?

    im new here my first post. I hope to have some good times around.

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    im a noob here.. just received my ps3 80gig over the weekend

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    Just got my ps3 a week ago kinda late on getting one. Had a car project to finsh up. Then I bought a 50 flat screen tv and they gave me a deal on a 80gb so i went head and bought one.... Has anyone gotten iso's to play off the hdd yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trip2hard View Post
    Has anyone gotten iso's to play off the hdd yet?
    Not .iso extension files, but extracted and patched files from them run from the HDD on PS3 Debug/TEST consoles... nothing yet on Retail PS3 consoles though.

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    Arrow hello

    i was searching for my name and actually found a variation in the x's witch lead me to this video witch is a REAL hack to get a ps3 free the dudes a genius, he uses their offer system as a way to get into their systems all i did for this to work was download firefox witch i already had and download firebug the addon, i found firebug by searching it in the search box at their website...and i completed an offer and bam i received the refs i only wish this hacker worked on the ps3 to play backups

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