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    I forgot I had an account good to be back active

  2. #1252
    hello all just joined.

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    Join Date
    May 2008
    Hmm... since everyone is talking about themselves here... I can't stay out right?!

    Well I like Nature, Photography and helping other people.

    When I find time I play on my PS3...

  4. #1254
    Hello I'm not a new User. I just lost my Password and since them I never logged in

  5. #1255
    Hola! Como estas?

  6. #1256
    Hi all. My early activity since registered here

  7. #1257
    hello all

  8. #1258
    Hello everyone, look forward to bring active

  9. #1259
    Hello to all been out of the Ps3 scene for a while but just took my old phat 60Gb ps3 out of the attic hope to start enjoying it again.

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    Hi everyone, i'd forgotton all about me being a part of this forum, and the friendly email reminded me

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