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    hi im new here too

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    Hi to all

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    Sep 2011
    lol Apparently I never posted in here so HI! I don't even remember when I joined. But I apologize for not posting in here first. I guess? Since it asked me to do so.

    Oh I joined last sept. lol

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    Apr 2005
    Hello, welcome to ps3news!

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    wats up dude

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    Feb 2010
    hello everyone, and welcome to all the new members. i've been around for a little while, but not too long compared to some members. i mostly browse and read, and occasionally post. i think most of my posts are in the double number and yes/no question threads.

    about the whole mother's day birthday thing, i was actually born on mother's day and made my mom a mom! good thing my birthday only falls on mother's day every few years because mother's day takes precedence over my birthday when they do fall on the same day. also, my 30th is this week! i just wish i could afford to do something fun to mark the end of my 20's and the beginning of my 30's.

    i have a b.s. in mechanical engineering and am currently working towards an associates in simulation and game development at a local community college. i love video games and i have been hooked since we got a nintendo with super mario bros. back in the mid '80's.

    i'm currently playing the closed beta for ghost recon online and it definitely takes more skill than mw, battlefield, halo, or any other fps out there. i want to work as a game developer however with the economy in the state it is in i may have to go back to engineering to pay the bills.

    for television shows, i prefer the old school adult swim cartoons from when it started back around 2001 or so, like sealab 2021, space ghost, brak show, etc. i just finished the eureka and walking dead series on netflix, they were both good. i watch big bang theory when i'm around and it's on. otherwise my tv is on cartoon network as background entertainment because the colors and lack of seriousness keep me calm.

    that's all i can think of right now off the top of my head. also, good idea boss for directing us here, i did not know this kind of thread existed.

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    hello everyone

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    Hi all. Hack the Planet!

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    Hey all, new here and wanted to stop in and say hiya!

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    Jul 2008
    Im here now on ps3news for years and also some years in the scene. I'm always try to contribute something to the scene and actually i and my TeaM trie to keep the scene free for all.

    PS3 NEWS best site in scene

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