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    I'm a long time lurker. 23 posts since 2005. I stopped using my PSP a long time ago and I care more about running the latest blu-rays, PSN and games on my PS3, so I intentionally updated to the latest firmware without ever trying homebrew. At least Sony has released the PS Suite SDK, so legit homebrew on PS3 should be possible in the future without any hacks.

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    Aug 2005
    Hi I have been a registered user here for a while but never really needed to post. The information I get from here is awesome and most of the time very comprehensive.

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    Hello all im new at Ps3news !

    The Forum is fantastic.
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    Oct 2010
    hi at all,

    this will be my first post, i will thank you 4 all the ps3news.


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    May 2005
    Hello everyone. In new to this forum...

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    new user to this site hi

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    Apr 2005


    Well i am far from new, but haven't been online for a while now.. but wanted to say hi to everyone and the new members i hope you are enjoying the site as it is still a great site.. take care all and i will be back soon again.

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    I haven't been on for a long time but just wanted to hello to new members.

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    Hello Peeps, I haven't just joined but I am posting my first post today... whoopee !

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm searching about information of the PS3 for a guy who has the moyamoya syndrome. He wants to build in some hardware. That way i hope to find there some stuff about his item and so.
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