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    hello, buzzing for resident evil 6 hope they get it working

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    yo yo yo...

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    hello everyone! newbie here

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    Jun 2005
    Hello, i'm not new! I've been here since as started (was here when it was still ps2news and the other domain name, can't remember it now though). I used to be a moderator, but life got in the way and couldn't dedicate that amount of time to the site. I used to be very involved in the PSP scene (hence my nick), writing up many tutorials (which can still be found if you look hard enough!) and even releasing some (PC) applications - i even released something for the PSP, albeit standing on the shoulders of giants (it was a small patch to someone elses work!)

    I still keep an eye on the scene and am still a regular visitor, abeit usually more of a lurker these days.

    I would like to add my welcome to any new-comers and hope that you will all keep this forum the nice friendly place it has been for many years (abeit with the occasional exception).

    Here's looking forward to future developments in the scene - Cheers!


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    Welcome bro... i'm a new user too

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    Hello, been a member for a bit, but I haven't posted. So....

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    Nov 2010
    Hello, I've been a mod since about 6 months ago. I've been keeping up with the scene since the excitement of the first 3.41 jailbreak dongles back in 2010 (still have my 2 Teensy 2.0+).

    I work in IT, have been gaming for quite some number of years now (guess it could be a hobby, lol), love to tinker with electronics and computer-related projects, enjoy helping others with my limited knowledge, and enjoy hanging around ps3news! I like to watch more movies than tv, but I do like South Park, Family Guy, Dexter, Nikita, and probably many others.

    I am in my 30s now and feel very old on console forums (lol), but video games are a part of worldwide culture now and span generations, so it's okay. Enjoy the 'scene'!

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    this is very good site

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    hello, im a new user too.. what's up everyone!

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