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    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    Seriously I never bothered to introduce myself in here since my main target are the download (when I registered). You guy did that too right?
    I do that all the time , I think this was the only forum I came to with the intention to ask a question, lol.

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    Jan 2012
    I peek here only what's up. Thank for all who gives something. Greeting

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    Oct 2011
    Hey, now we have Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm from Indonesia, 28 years old. And I'm too old for this

    Please do forgive me if I'm not post that many on "help thread" because I don't know most of the problem that are asked

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    I've been here for a couple years, and I introduce myself today. I'm spark32 and I like to party.

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    Dec 2008
    Welcome to PS3News, hyperjinxz!

    I've been here a long time, and i really hope that your addition to the fantastic team of developers here, will accelerate and enable more efforts towards custom firmware and homebrew. I am fully supportive of homebrew, as i buy all my games new on the PS3. Sony should have left Linux on the PS3 and allowed us to run our programs peacefully. They took it away, and look what happened! Anyway, i really hope to see good things very soon about new releases and stuff!

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    fantastic what a site

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    Jan 2012
    I'm psYcq and I think this page is one of the best sources of ps3-news

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    heya!!! am new here myself and i know am gonna love it here

    i must agree with you there. can't imagine why its taken so long for me to find this place
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    Hi there every one I'm paddys from belfast

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    Hi, I am new user.

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