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    Feb 2009


    hi, i am new comers in this forum..

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    Hello All

    Hi all,

    I am noob here. Can anyone tell me how to update system of PS3 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecrack57 View Post
    hello, im a noob and i would like to learn how to use ps3proxy and is it still working?
    Sadly, it is not. It only allows you to download but not install (you will receive an error when trying).
    Quote Originally Posted by vickycool5 View Post
    Hi all,

    I am noob here. Can anyone tell me how to update system of PS3 ?
    Yes, see here:

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    hello all, just dropped by to say hi!

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    Whats up!

    Whats going on people. Glad to be on here.

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    Hi all.. No PS3 for me yet, waiting at least until after FF13 comes out. Just stickin with my trusty old PS2 for now.

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    hi guys, new to the site!!

    just got an 80gig system, and it looks soooooo SWEET on my 46" sony bravia. I LOVE IT ALREADY! no games yet - workin on that

    but um, hope to be around for a while!!


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    Call me Doc

    Hi all, PS3 kicks butt...

    Looking into the further development of this Next Generation console.

    I'm the Doc.

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    Hi all, new here. Getting ps3 soon moving away from xbox, hope im not disappointed. Been on the forums for about an hour now, lovin it.

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    Yo. I've got a funny feeling the PS3 scene is about to really get moving.

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