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    Hey all, been a lurker for awhile but I finally got my 1st gen ps3 back from the sony repair center and now there's finally some development with a ps2 hdloader so its time for me to jump in.


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    Feb 2009
    Hello everyone! Nice community you have here!

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Emaster101 and a java developer. I used to develop home brew for the PSP but I'm now moving to the ps3 because I just recently got one.

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    hello all!

    I'm trying to make DVD games from CDs to use with ESR..

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    Hi everyone.. I'm new to the forum.

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    Hi newbie here

    i'm here to learn something new

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    PS3 Linux distro comparison

    Hi, I'm Dar.. I'm looking for comparisons on Linux distros for the PS3. I've heard great things re Gentoo, but I'd like more info on YDL, Unbutu, and Fedora. Also some of the PS3 dev going on here looks promising too.

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    hi all,

    wow, there's a lot about my ps3 that i didn't know. looks like this is a good spot to learn!

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    Semi-noob to the mod scene. I've been doing softmods to my wii and PSP but haven't done anything to the PS3 yet. I'm sure I'll be lurking around here quite often.

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    hello all, new to posting on ps3 news.

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