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    Forum Moderator racer0018's Avatar
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    I sen one back to you. Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholomy View Post
    Maybe racer can help us to figure out the reason, because it's kinda boring. Every time we change firmware, (me at least) we have to deal with this damned blue screen.
    If someone would send me a post of what you did to get this screen I have my 160 slim hooked up to a progskeet and I will see if I can get the same result. Thanks
    Last edited by racer0018; 04-26-2012 at 11:52 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    got my ps3 back from racer, everything works great he kept me informed all the way through and sent me pics of the soldering which looks great as well. i highly recommend him when hes back off the injured list.

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    ya i have a phat cech-e01 nand that needs to be downgraded. he's the only one i found in the states that offers this service. hope he gets better soon!!

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    I am able to solder now but it takes me a long time. I have stop and rest my shoulder. I soldered a nor with progskeet and it downgraded fine. However it took me like 5 or 6 sittings to get it done. Or just wait a couple more weeks and I will be good to go.

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    broken ps3 fat cechl04

    Today i press ps3 button power button works but ps3 not want load to menu.. no have sound of ps3 only black screen. hdd read very slow, light is green. no want but the service menu only one beeps and power down not into service menu anymore.

    rebug cfw 3.55.2 please help.

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    How did it get to this point. Did you just turn it off one day and this is what it did. thanks

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    take your time racer. no rush.

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    Ok I have been working hard on alot of things and I will tell you all it is working and it is great for flashing all NAND and nor chips. I have downgraded a ps3 and read and wrote to a NAND ps3. Thanks racer0018.

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    thanx for all the info

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    No problem that is what we are here for. Let us know how the downgrade goes.


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