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    Forum Moderator racer0018's Avatar
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    I had shoulder surgery last Friday and they said that in two to three weeks if I don't push myself I should be able to move my arm but not to carry heavy weight. Good thing for a soldering iron and misc tools don't weigh that much. So if all goes good I should be able to do some things next month, I hope anyway. Have a good one all. Thanks

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    take your time man we got all the time in the world! P.S. try some ibprofin, instead of them pain killers, they will reduce the swelling and inflammation in a matter of hours. Take it easy

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    can i use progskeet with this?

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    Yes you downgrade a NAND ps3 the same way but with different flasher software. But if it is a nor you use a different guide. Thanks

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    Hey racer0018 I get a blue screen (plain no warning) when booting to XMB, Recovery & Factory Service. Would you happen to know of a cure?

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    I gave you a solution yet

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    yes sir reporting back, downgrade fixed it & the dev_flash3 backup I had was still the correct DRL. Thanks again Barth

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    Great sorry about not answering back. Been really, great hear that you got it to work. It always nice when you do it on your own. Thanks

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    Maybe racer can help us to figure out the reason, because it's kinda boring. Every time we change firmware, (me at least) we have to deal with this damned blue screen.

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    Hi Racer. Sent you a pm. Very interested when you get back on your feet. No hurry though...


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