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    Contributor Randul's Avatar
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    Will Do. I've made a couple posts and am waiting to get bumped up so I can send private messages.

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    Hi, same here, i've bricked my slim and want to know if its possible to unbrick it without a firmware dump? I also can't private message yet...

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    Ok if I didn't answer your pm please send Another one cause some how my inbox got erased. Thanks

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    Hi all,

    I try to update my ps3 from kmeaw to rogero 4.21, It seems it bricked

    I want to ask whether I need e3 nor flasher only without esata station or e3 flasher limited? and can someone whether my dump is valid or not, thanks


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    I need your (racer0018) assistance with my bricked PS3, I PM you not long ago can you tell me if mine is recoverable?

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    I sent a message back to you thanks

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    Hey racer0018 I found you thru mushy and i noticed your in the states which is a plus for me plus that your a moderator gives me even more reassurance your legit!

    Well I got a cecha01 that is stuck on that awful 4.21-3.55.pup can't go in either direction because I don't have a flasher. Can you do progskeet dual booting too? and do you have parts available?

    I prefer not to buy them and then send them out to you its just more convenient if you already got them in stock Hopefully you do! Well def. email me and we will take it from there! Oh yea Pac's the MAN! Now I know your the guy for me!

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    good morning racer found you reading a bunch of threads trying to find a solution to my bricked ps3.. Very convenient that your from the USA also.. Here's what i have.. old 40gb ps3 never been updated past 3.55.. currently on kmeaw 3.55 and bricked trying to get Rogero_CEX4.21_v1.09d.. I can't find the way to pm.. what info do you need? would like your help please. Thanks.

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    I sent all the messages that i had back. thanks

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    I pm'ed you earlier about unbricking a CHECE PS3. Please reply back when you get a chance. Thanks!


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