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    Big Grin Introduction

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    Hi there. I am new user here. Nice to join the forum and hope to hear from your guys.

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    Big Grin Hello Friends

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    Hello Friends who love PS3 & PSP.

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    Welcome to PS3News

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    Big Grin Whats up

    Whats up, i'm new ALSO!

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    Big Grin hello I am new

    hello i am new to this page and am looking for your experts help i will follow site rules and wait my 7 days. just stopping in to say hello.

    so far from what i have read on the new ps4 the security on it is uncrackable but that's the same thing iPhone said also... lol

    if i may ask a simple question regarding my ps3 is it possible to jailbreak it just with a usb thumb drive or am i wasting my time i have 4.46 and my model is the CECHL01 is a model of PS3. in this case, the CECHL01 PS3 is a an 80 GB playstation model that was released in October of 2008. thanks for any advice.

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    Big Grin Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!

    Love to be part of the PS3News family!

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    Big Grin Hi everyone

    Hi everyone.

    I hope everyone could treat me fairly here.

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    Big Grin Hi guys and girls

    Hi guys and girls, new on this and ive no clue as to how to start a new thread. im having a problem with my ps3 id like to share and see if you can help. here it goes.

    when gta 5 came out i put my psn account onto a buddies ps3 so i could share the game with him. it works grand and hes playing away and so am i. but another of my friends gave me his ps3 to put fifa on it but i cant share with him because it says ive to deactivate one of the accounts.

    now i know how to do that, what i really want to know is, if i deactivate my psn account from my friends ps3(with gta) will he still be able to play gta? as its downloaded on to his system or will it be deleted from him. also if i activate my psn account on my friends ps3(fifa) will he be able to play that after i deactivate it?

    any helps greatly appreciated as ive searched the internet and still cant find an answer.



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    Big Grin Hi there everybody

    Hi everyone.

    i always wanted to buy a ps3 but didnt have the money for it until recently so i just bought a sealed PS3 fat CECHH04 40GB Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots edition with sixaxis only controller (no dualshock).

    i'm planning to repaste it with MX-4 and add some thermal pads +the 19 blades fan

    i patched it today from 2.30 firmware to 4.46 rebug REX and changed the HDD from 40Gb to 750Gb (it was tricky to do because ps3 didnt accept it, two bips and shutdown so i cloned the 40gb with HDDRawCopy1.02 and then formated and restored the system to get the full working 750gb).

    i want to install linux later but didn't found good tutorial yet.. at last i will play my beloved Final Fantasy 13

    i did a lot of researches and learned a lot about ps3 and i found this forum very informative with really good community. happy to be part of this community.

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    Hi there everybody, I'm DemonEyeX.

    I've been a member for a while, but haven't visited for a long time, so I thought it was about time I introduced myself.

    Hope you are all good and hope to meet you soon.


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