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    Contributor barnito's Avatar
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    im back

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    been gone a while, recently turned my PS3 on again after about a year powered off, updated my CFW and I am back in the game!

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    hey ya'll.. i'm getting back into the jb and this place looks like they are pretty up to date compared to the other ones so i'll give it a shot and see whats new

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    Hello everyone, I am a new user too. I go by str8murkya. It is a pleasure to come aboard.

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    I'm new here. This site is the best around for ps3

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    Thanks for the great site. Looks good and lots of info for new users.

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    Hello everyone, hoping to learn some new stuff here.

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    Hey guys, I'm new around here. I've been into PSP cfw for a while but now I've decided to take the leap into the PS3 realm. Hoping that this endeavor turns out great.

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    hi all, good site

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    Information overload!!!

    My this place has come a long way since the first signs of hacking took my old Phat out of service. My goal was to be involved with testing the new exploits. 1 $600.00 investment down I put my tail between my legs and bowed my head in defeat. Just to surface every now and then to see if there was a fix for my brick.

    I have been trying to soak all the info here in between family, fixing consoles, and a full time job. Signing in multiple times daily to see what I can help with or advice I can offer.

    Checking in from different smart devices only reveals that there is something I missed or other things that interests me. I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Thanks to all of the Devs for their hard work and to those who stuck around to test the new and exciting information that became available. Also thanks to those who have taken the time to make outstanding guides for the rest of us.

    Great Job everyone!

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    Looking forward to finding out what this site has to offer!


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