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    Oct 2012
    Hello... My name is Krisdiyanto and I'm from Indonesian, how do you do everyone...

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    Hi all , welcome to best PS3 site

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    Oct 2012

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    Oct 2012
    hello, i'm a new user also.

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    Hi to all, I like God of War 3

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    Hi, I am rodrigo from ecuador and i want to install pkg on my ps vita because i can't download de urbanix game sony erase it good luck everyone

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    Hello all, I'm from Thailand, I just install DEX to my PS3 but I don't know how to use them. This site have a lot of knowledge. Thank you.

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    Hi to every member in this forum, I recently bought a ps3 CEX model (from what i have been doing research on) well to be honest I don't know much about modding or anything like that yet and i'm hoping to learn all I can (good thing i'm a fast learner, lol)

    making a long story short, this ps3 is a 3.55 and apparently has a cfw (dont know which one specifically) and ever since I have been trying to learn all I can ahead of time so I know how to deal with backing up games and being able to play them. But I haven't stumbled upon a site that starts from the simple basics of everything there is to understand.

    I'm really excited in learning seems very interesting and hope to learn enough to help out in this forum to find or come up with fixes for other cfw 3.55 users out there. I think I could be good at this if I learned the correct info, lol. I'm 28 turning 29 this 23rd of Oct. and this ps3 is myself present lol. I'm very good with computers so i'm not in the dark when it comes to computers. hoping to make good friends on this forum, the names Jaime but you guys can call me JChatel. So i'm hoping to hear from you guys soon, let the games begin LOL!!!!

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    Hi all, Ok Thanks

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    hello everyone

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