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    Registered User wurstbrother's Avatar
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    So .. for now i am on board too

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    Hi everyone, im new here!

    hope to learn some new thing....

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    Hello everyone, i'm new

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    hey I'm novirtue, you can call me Ryan though.

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    Hi there!

    New user as well. Was hoping to find some reliable information on the linux side of the PS3, setting up the ps3 as a mediacenter hub .. possibly with a bit of mame, or snes stuff thrown in! Hope this place can aid in such, and hope this post counts as a "quality post" ^^

    All the best!

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    Hi, i'm not very a newcomer but well i try to post something if i can lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basken View Post
    Hope this place can aid in such, and hope this post counts as a "quality post" ^^
    No, as stated in about 1,000 places (such as the Announcements, Stickies, and this thread) posts made in the Newbie/Theme sections don't count due to the nature of these sections. In them, people generally post 1-line 'quickie' newbie questions, 'hello' introductions, and 'thanks' for themes... none of which are considered QUALITY posts.

    Quality posts are generally longer than 1 sentence with thought/detail put into them, and are outlined HERE for those who missed it.

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    new user, eager to lear how to bypass the proxy thingy to download and play free games lol

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    hello, I'm new in this forum

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    Hey everyone, I'm new here, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a gamer and love the ps3. Now that i heard we can play old school systems on the ps3 that made me even happier. Can't wait for FFXIII comes out. I'm a major RPG fan! Nice meeting everyone.


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