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Uploaded by CJPC - 04-11-2006

Danzel has finally released the 2nd version of his AFKIM (Away From Keyboard Instant Messenger). AFKIM is an instant messenger for almost all the major IM protocols, including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo! Danzel has been working on a new OSK (on-screen keyboard). Now this OSK has got the name "Danzeff", and tends to help you with a better input experience than the original p_sprint OSK. However, you can still switch back to the old one if you really want to. Here are more details of this version:

- New Graphics, complete new style
- New keyboard (Danzeff, see Danzeff.txt for usage information)
- You can rename contacts.
- Less crashes! (maybe! lol)
- Works on the new GTA Loader
- Contact list scrolls automatically.
- New msg popup.
- When logging into wifi/bitlbee there is more feedback

How to use the Danzeff OSK:

The Danzeff keyboard is an OSK, mainly controlled by the analog stick.

Use the analog stick to select which square to chose from, and then press the button (X O [] /) in the direction of the letter you want to input.

To switch into numbers mode Tap the L Shoulder.
To get capital Letters hold the R shoulder while in letters input.
To get a complete set of extra characters, hold down R shoulder while in numbers mode.

Other special keys:
Digital down -> enter
Digital up -> delete
Digital left -> move left
Digital right -> move right
Select -> menu in AFKIM
Start -> switch from chat to contacts list in AFKIM